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Table olives from the Cultivar Nocellara of the Belice

ExtraVirgin Olive Oil from the Cultivar Nocellara of the Belice

Traditional Sicilian Products:dried tomatoes, Pantelleria capers, almonds, green and black olives patè

Agri-food products: Pickled vegetables and salads, oregano, mushrooms and aubergines

Sliced Black Olives Nocellara of the Belice in brine

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Gross weight: 2,000 Kg
Sliced black olives from the Nocellara of the Belice cultivar for sale online, stored in brine in buckets in various prices and formats

Category: Table olives

Year: 2020

Tags: Nocellara, Brine

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The sliced black olives of Nocellara del Belice are delicious and ready to use, to top your pizzas, pasta dishes or every culinary imagination inspires you. From the Sicilian tradition the dark-colored Nocellara del Belice olives are characterized by a consistent pulp and a pleasant and sweet taste on the palate, in Sicilian dialect they are called with the friendly name of "passuluna".

INGREDIENTS: Olives, Water, Salt, E300, E330, E270.

Conservation:in brine
Ripening olive:black

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