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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil prices and online sale

The Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced and sold by our company belongs to the famous and precious cultivar of Nocellara of the Belice. This variety of olive oil has received awards and certificates of the highest level for its high organoleptic characteristics, the Nocellara is a variety of olive tree with the unique peculiarity in the world to grow and produce a good fruit (the drupe) only in the territory of the Belice Valley (province of Trapani in the municipalities of Campobello di Mazara and Castelvetrano), this peculiarity, together with its peculiarities, distinguishes it as one of the most appreciated cultivars in the world, has in fact received both the DOP product recognition (Protected Designation of Origin) that I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication).

The Nocellara of the Belice is a double-purpose olive tree, that is capable of producing both table olives and table oil, the latter is obtained by pressing the olives (harvested with the method of hand-picking) at the mill with a process of cold milling, so as not to alter its organoleptic properties, thus obtaining a Sicilian extra virgin olive oil counted as among the best in the world.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Nocellara of the Belice shows an intense golden green color and golden yellow and golden reflections, the taste is full, slightly spicy and fruity with a slight almond aftertaste, the inebriating smell of freshly crushed olive that reminds also hints of grass and nature. The Nocellara Oil is distinguished by first-rate quality features: maximum acidity of 0.60%, average density, low fats that bring the smoke point to over 200 degrees. Its natural acidity and very low fat content make it an ideal product for proper nutrition, widely used in the Mediterranean diet, it is used for condiments, fried foods and recipes of the most varied nature.

These properties make the Nocellara of the Belice an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior category (olive oil is obtained by direct pressing of olives and by mechanical procedures), and hearing is also a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, its high Concentration of polyphenols allow it to counteract free radicals (responsible for aging), even there are those who use it as an emollient for skin and hair. We also want to emphasize that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Nocellara has already received two very important names for several years, is in fact a Sicilian DOP oil ("Protected Designation of Origin") and as Sicilian oil IGP ("Protected Geographical Indication") , and is produced exclusively in the Belice Valley.

However, what most of all makes the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara always remains its unique and inimitable taste, highly prized to the palate, with only one spoon to make a dish or a salad special, it is good and in recent years more and more producers they are bringing the collection to organic oil, ie without preservatives and pesticides; and it is also thanks to this new mentality turned to the healthy and natural that the Sicilian Oil is carving out a niche place of the highest quality in the world.

Gruppo Caro is a company that produces and sells the Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Nocellara del Belice for several years, with an appropriate bottling in hermetically sealed milk, and dark bottles for proper storage away from light and heat sources. Our commitment is always aimed at respecting the quality of the product and the customer, browse our online catalog for Nocellara of the Belice Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in the various formats and packaging, the prices of online sales are inclusive of VAT and availability it is almost always immediate, for any information or clarification do not hesitate to contact us, we can only hope that you too try to taste the famous Sicilian Oil Nocellara of the Belice that we promote with love and dedication.

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